EET Group invests in world’s most space efficient warehouse system

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- Wednesday, March 2, 2016 10:42 AM
EET Group invests in world’s most space efficient warehouse system

The newly installed AutoStore system at EET Group´s Logistics Centre in Copenhagen is the largest AutoStore installation in Denmark.


Besides providing a comprehensive warehousing and value-added logistics services for all its sales entities worldwide, EET Group has also evolved into the de facto expert among logistics service providers, providing scalable Logistical Service solutions to business partners and companies. 
The EET Group logistics division makes a difference throughout the entire logistics service chain: from the international inventory management to distribution, and from technical logistics services to high-end transport and service. EET Logistics continuously develops tools and processes that enables the customers to meet the highest demands in the market, handling everything from start to finish.      
The newly installed AutoStore system is a part of EET Group´s ambitious strategy in developing the EET Logistics division.


The AutoStore system


AutoStore is, simply put, an aluminum grid that provides the storage space for the goods. The size and the form of the grid only depends on the warehouse around it and ensures optimal space usage. The goods are stored in thousands of plastic bins inside the grid.


Robots are the real workforce of the AutoStore system. They move tirelessly on rails on top of the grid, hoisting up bins, moving them for further processing and then placing them back into the grid.


When goods from the bottom of the grid are requested, the robots will work together to dig their way through to the target bin. To speed up future requests, the robots continuously optimize the storage position of goods inside the grid, placing frequently requested bins on the higher levels.


The interface between the storage area and the warehouse staff is located in ports. It is here that the bins leave the grid for the further processing. Robots feed the ports continuously with the new bins, ensuring that the operators do not have to wait between consequent orders.


The manufacturer of Autostore is the Norwegian company Hatteland and the integrator is Element Logic AS.


Increased efficiency and reduced costs


"AutoStore’s robots are powered by rechargeable batteries and operate autonomously on top of the grid. Each robot features a lift that allows it to pick and place bins in the grid," Tom Kjærulf, Group Logistics Director at EET Group, explains. "The robots receive their orders wirelessly from the control system, sending them to and from the ports and ordering them to recharge whenever needed."

The AutoStore system configured for EET Group consists of the grid with 83,500 compartments in 43,500 bins. The bins are stacked in total of 12 layers. 32 robots and 8 ports handle the goods in the bins. The system can store around 800,000 units. 

"The investment in AutoStore will lead to a much higher efficiency and to significant cost reductions," says Tom Kjærulf. "Additionally to the optimized warehouse utilization and the increased capacity, the great benefit of AutoStore is that our employees will have the possibilities to work even more efficiently and with less physical strain than during the traditional picking process. I expect that we will increase the warehouse capacity with additional 40%, when all the products suitable for the bins have been moved to the AutoStore."


Tom Kjærulf continues: “We have chosen a very scalable solution. Should we in the future need more capacity, we will just expand the size of the grid. If we need more speed, we can add more robots and/or ports."

The initial investment in IT-systems and the integration between EET Group´s ERP-system and Autostore, has already been made.

"Another thing worth mentioning is the delivery accuracy. We already have a very high delivery accuracy of 99.95%, however we might even be able to improve here as well. And last, but not least, there is of course a significantly reduced power consumption. The Autostore system consumes less power than the light above the grid. As an environmentally conscious company, such considerations are of a great importance to us."


“When we signed the contract with Element Logic, we planned to prepare, install and launch the Autostore within 100 days – and so we did. The first orders were handled through AutoStore on 18th of January 2016,”  Group Logistics Director adds.


For further information, please contact:

EET Group A/S
Tom Kjærulf, Group Logistics Director
+45 45 82 19 19


About EET Logistical Service


Outsourcing logistics makes sense! With a Logistics Service agreement the costs for the factors such as freight costs, insurance, materials, stock count, inventory losses, staff salaries, cost of premises and ongoing development costs - are eliminated. All of the mentioned factors are included in an agreement with EET Group. One monthly transparent invoice - nothing else. 


EET Group offers an “all inclusive and scalable model”, which is easy and convenient for all the parties. As the Logistic Services are based on the concept – you only pay for what you get – cost for the Logistic Services will follow the seasonality and the development of the customer´s business.


The experiences from present customers are that the overall savings are substantial - an average of 20 percent.


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